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Canadian delegation attends Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) conference in Colorado

Tuesday, June 17th 2008 8:45:26am

Media Release
Attention: Lifestyle, environment and business reporters

Canadian delegation will attend Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) conference in Colorado

(Colorado, June 17, 2008) A contingent of Canadians, each involved in the LOHAS sector, is attending the 12th LOHAS conference in Denver/Boulder Colorado (June 18-21st, 2008). The agenda for the sold out conference can be found

Ellen Karp of Anerca International has years of expertise in both the Canadian and US LOHAS marketplace and is leading the delegation. “While LOHAS is not a term that is well known north of the border, it soon will be since Canadians are ‘raised LOHAS’ – and have been since Canada was colonized in the sixteenth century. LOHAS values have permeated our thinking and way of life in our everyday activities.”

Karp went on to say, “We recycle – and have for a long, long time. We compost. We ride bikes. We preserve and cherish our natural parks. Many of us were raised in leafy urban neighborhoods. We honor traditions. We are going to Boulder, ready to share our expertise and LOHAS savvy.”

Don Huff, President of Toronto based Environmental Communications Options (e|c|o) and owner of described LOHAS as a way, “to understand that behaviour and growing group of people who care deeply about their community, personal health and the environment and are willing to vote with their consumer dollars.”

In a recent public opinion poll commissioned by Anerca International and conducted by IPSOS, Canadian responses suggest that Canada is profoundly LOHAS orientated.

Delegation members include:

Ellen Karp
of Anerca, a leading authority in global consumer values and trends since 1988. A few years ago, Anerca took a great interest in the LOHAS consumer in the US and Canada to help redress some of the imbalances of the consumer marketplace.

Linda Lundstrom
, one of Canada’s great designers and a pioneer in eco-fashion who has been promoting sustainable fabrics through her Green Notes collections for over twenty years. She is also a master of lean apparel manufacturing.

Kelly Drennan
of “Fashion Takes Action,” devoted to helping mitigate sustainability issues in the fashion world.

and Javier Zarazua of Casabi Organics whose work reviving a traditional part of the Dominican Republic food economy is inspiring.

Don Huff
of Environmental Communication Options, a central practioner in Canadian eco-PR and environmental public policy development.

Carla Flamer
of IPSOS who, with Karp, is currently measuring the Canadian LOHAS market quantitatively.

Nancy Wolfe
of Anerca has been involved with environmental and LOHAS initiatives for private, NGO and public sector organizations.

Jason Oke
of Juniper Park who is developing a new sustainable vocabulary for advertising for the 21st century.

Canadian designers Ula Zukowska along with Cathy McGayger and Angela Mann of Magpie Designs will also attend the conference.

To arrange interviews with members of the Canadian delegation at the LOHAS 12 Conference in Boulder, please contact:

Don Huff
Environmental Communications Options
cell 416-805-7720
huffd (at)