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Last Day of ExpoCycle 2008 begins on a high note

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 9:54:31am

Last Day of ExpoCycle 2008 begins on a high note

   ExpoCycle Update Tuesday, September 9th, 2008


   There's plenty to see and do on the last day of ExpoCycle 2008.

   The annual bike industry trade show has been bustling since it opened, and there's optimism in the air.


   "It's an exciting time to be in the industry," remarked Janet O'Connell, Executive Director of the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada. "There's a real sense that Canada is becoming a truly bike-friendly country."


   To help make that happen, BTAC introduced the Retailer Power Program business seminar series.  Sessions have been packed with enthusiastic audiences, and the same is expected for today's sales-focused workshops with Bob Negen.


   "We're certainly very happy with the outcome," remarked Janet O'Connell, Executive Director of the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada.  "Terrific exhibitors, terrific retailers, terrific speakers - we couldn't have asked for a better event."


   One of the most exciting things about this year's ExpoCycle is the growing acknowledgment that bikes are more than recreation - they can facilitate social change.  Two examples are Norco's Vixa and Kona's Africa Bike.


   The Vixa is the first ever free-ride mountain bike designed by women, for women.  Norco worked closely with female riders to engineer the bike, which is lighter weight and lower than its traditional counterparts.  The Vixa also features a shorter reach, suspension that is sprung for a lighter average rider, smaller grips and a woman's saddle.


   The idea behind the Vixa was to create something that identified and addressed the needs of female athletes.  You can see one for yourself at Norco's exhibit (Booth 518).


   Kona's Africa Bike was designed for an equally specific purpose.  For three years, the company has been supplying bicycles to health care workers in Zambia and South Africa.  The program is now operating in Tanzania, and Kona plans to donate a total of 1000 bikes in 2008.


   Africa Bikes are simple and sturdy - a steel frame, single-speed bike with a rack welded onto the back and a thorn-proof strip in the tires to prevent flats.  For every two sold in North America, one goes to Africa.  Details of the program can be found at www.konabiketown.com.


   For media accreditation, or to arrange interviews, please contact:


   Tina Siegel, ECO at 416.389.5570  (Cell on-site) or tsiegel(at)huffstrategy.com.


   The Bicycle Trade Association of Canada's mission is to change Canadian culture by positioning cycling as the pre-eminent form of transportation and recreation in Canada.  A not-for-profit trade association whose members come from the retail and supplier sectors of Canada's bicycle industry BTAC is the national voice for cycling BTAC actively advocates on critical issues with government at all levels and builds partnerships throughout the cycling community in Canada.  BTAC programs include Market Research, Cycling Advocacy, ExpoCycle (Canada's Bike Trade Show) and many cost saving benefits to members (www.btac.org).