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MPP McNeely Asks for All Party support of the Home Energy Rating Act

Thursday, October 16th 2008 10:01:46am

Media Release
For Immediate Release

MPP McNeely Asks for All Party support of the Home Energy Rating Act

The Home Energy Rating Act mandates greater disclosure and encourages better, greener more efficient homes

QUEEN'S PARK- Thursday 16 October 2008.  Today MPP McNeely will ask the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to support the Home Energy Rating Act during consideration of the bill in second reading debate.

MPP McNeely argues that this Bill will provide consumers with greater disclosure about the future operating costs of the home and will create greater consumer debate for better, greener, more energy efficient housing in Ontario.  Greater demand for more efficient homes, both new and retrofitted, will contribute to the reduction of Ontario's greenhouse gas emissions and help meet Ontario's 2020 emissions reduction target.

Joining MPP McNeely in support of this Bill are several members of industry and environmental groups who see the economic opportunities and emissions reductions potential of this Bill.  Supporters include NAIMA Canada, the EnviroCentre at the City of Ottawa, Green Evolution, GreenSaver, and the Conservation Bureau of the Ontario Power Authority.

The Home Energy Rating Act, if passed, will require that a Home Energy Rating Report be provided when selling or leasing a detached, semi-detached or low rise multi-unit residential building.

The Home Energy Rating Act is up for second reading debate in the Ontario Legislature on Thursday 16 October 2008 at 1:25 p.m.


"The most significant piece of legislation in years. Not only will this serve to inform consumers about the true cost of home ownership - but it will also serve as a economic and employment stimulus - as home sellers will want to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes before putting them on the market. In the end - we all win," says Ken Elsey, President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance.

"I commend Phil McNeely and the Ontario Legislature for their leadership on The Home Energy Rating Act. This legislation contains best practices which should be widely shared with energy policy leaders in other jurisdictions," says Chuck Wilson, Director REEEP North America.

"Bill 101 will help consumers save money and energy. It will be an important tool to predict home energy costs and will help illustrate the benefits of updating the energy efficiency of one's home. This Bill supports both consumer protection and energy efficiency," say Stephen Koch, Executive Director, NAIMA Canada.

"The potential for energy efficiency improvements in the existing housing stock is enormous. GreenSaver is working on the development of a new provincial energy rating system and believes that Bill 101 would have a very positive effect on building a culture of conservation in Ontario" says Vladan Veljovic, President and CEO of GreenSaver.

"Having a government mandate for an easy to understand numeric time of sale energy rating in Ontario will put our marketplace on par with leading jurisdictions in Canada and around the world. I believe that future friendly houses are worth more, and the Appraisal Institute of Canada RENOVA survey asserts energy-efficiency upgrades are high on the list of top paybacks."  Chris Chopik, Instructor at the Toronto Real Estate Board.

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