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Canadian Springs goes green!

Monday, June 15th 2009 8:44:46am

Media Release
Attn: News/Environment/Transportation/Community/Business Editors and Reporters

Canadian Springs goes green!

(June 13, 2009) Summer is heating up for thirsty Canadians across the country, and Canadian Springs is helping to quench that thirst without heating up the planet.  Canadian Springs has teamed up with Inland Kenworth and PacLease to debute its first hybrid electric water at the Play On! National Street Hockey Tournament held in Vancouver and across Canada.  By delivering pure drinking water to 2,000 Vancouver street hockey players battling it out in the nation's largest organized street hockey tournament, Canadian Springs is proud to showcase their new lower emission vehicles.

"We've always been very conscious of our environmental footprint", says Mengo McCall, Director of Business Development for the company. "We use returnable refillable bulk sized bottles that each carry over 1,000 litres of drinking water in their lifetimes, then we recycle all of them.  None go to landfills.  Now we are significantly lowering the emissions associated with delivering that water."

The new hybrid electric drivetrains on the Canadian Springs Kenworth trucks hope to reduce emissions by an estimated 37%.  The hybrid technology only recently became available for class 7 trucks and Canadian Springs is one of the first few Canadian companies to begin leasing them.  Partial funding for the hybrids was generously provided by the Fraser Basin Council and the BC provincial Ministry of the Environment.  Canadian Springs is very grateful for the teamwork that made the hybrid funding possible.  The company believes that low emission vehicles is the only way forward for any company delivering products in today's world.  Being on the vanguard of hybrid use was very important to their business philosophy.

"Our goal is to be the most progressive beverage company in the world on many fronts.  Pure, clean drinking water is our business but we can't also pollute our air while providing that water.  I think people would be surprised to know how many thousands of locations in Canadian cities literally do not have reasonable access to drinking water.  We fill that need in as responsible a way as possible and we're improving every day", says McCall.

Canadian Springs is also the leading provider of tap water filtration systems in Canada.  Filtering tap water is a very low impact way of attaining cleaner drinking water that reduces contaminants and improves taste.  The most common contaminants are chlorine bi-products, dissolved copper, lead and rust.  Both filtration systems and returnable refillable drinking water containers are often used in the same building, depending on where drinking water is needed That doesn't include the many outdoor locations where drinking water is also needed.  There is a fundamental need for both types of drinking water services.

"Today we're happy to start using hybrids, tomorrow maybe the technology will be available for plug-in hybrids, all electric or fuel cell vehicles.  We're aiming to be carbon neutral while continuing to supply a healthy product that does not contain sugar like so many other beverages.  Our customers know our value and we're demonstrating our commitment to be progressive."

Mengo McCall, Canadian Springs, 604-232-7638,

Canadian Springs
is the nation's leading direct delivery provider of fresh natural spring water and tap water filtration systems.  For over 100 years, Canadian Springs and its affiliates have been refreshing homes, offices and outdoor events across the country.  Canadian Springs is leading the industry with state-of-the-art facilities, superior quality standards and refreshing, healthy products to meet business and home customers' hydration needs.  With almost 800 employees across Canada and using local water springs serving local regions, it is committed to providing its customers with the best in service and quality.  Canadian Springs invests in company-wide actions to protect the environment, from ensuring its packaging is managed responsibly to industry-leading forestry and source water protection programs around its natural springs.