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Retailer Power Program gives ExpoCycle attendees an education

Wednesday, September 2nd 2009 10:32:04am

The business of bikes

ExpoCycle attendees receive an education

(Wednesday, September 2, 2009) Knowledge is power, as they say.

That's the assumption behind ExpoCycle 2009's BTAC Retailer Power Program.  Introduced just last year - to rave reviews - the seminars are back, bigger and better than before.

"We were thrilled with the response in 2008," remarked Janet O'Connell, Executive Director of the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC).  "Our retailers loved the seminars.  They found them informative and practical, which is exactly what we wanted.  It went off without a hitch."

This year's program will feature more sessions and a French component.

"The demand is definitely there," O'Connell continued, "so we've responded.  We're particularly please with the addition of French sessions."

The Retailer Power Program is designed to help bike retailers become more profitable and more knowledgeable.  Each seminar focuses on providing tips and tricks that can help improve business.  This year's keynote session will address the growing interest in cycling as both transportation and recreation.  

"Bikes have become part of daily life - people use them for commuting, getting around town, exercise," said O'Connell.  "That's where the industry is going, that's where the growth is, and we want our retailers to be ahead of the curve."

Other seminar topics include: business strategies and tactics, fostering customer loyalty, team-building, increasing sales, maximizing the potential of the Internet, the specialty bike retailer market, effective advertising and media planning.

A full Retailer Power Program schedule, as well as seminar descriptions, can be found at:

Show contact:

Sumar Clarke, Show Director, ExpoCycle
905.535.1246 ext.225 or s.clarke(at)btac.org    

Media contact:

Tina Siegel, e|c|o                              
416.972.7401 or tsiegel(at)ecostrategy.ca

For more information about ExpoCycle or OutDoor Demo Day please visit: www.expocycle.ca

The Bicycle Trade Association of Canada's (www.btac.org) mission is to change Canadian culture by positioning cycling as the pre-eminent form of transportation and recreation in Canada.  A not-for-profit trade association whose members come from the retail and supplier sectors of Canada's bicycle industry BTAC is the national voice for cycling BTAC actively advocates on critical issues with government at all levels and builds partnerships throughout the cycling community in Canada.  BTAC programs include Market Research, Cycling Advocacy, ExpoCycle (Canada's Bike Trade Show) and many cost saving benefits to members.