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Canadian youth prepare for Copenhagen climate change summit

Friday, November 27th 2009 2:14:18pm

Media Advisory

Canadian youth prepare for Copenhagen climate change summit

The International Federation of Liberal Youth will send 25 young Canadians to Copenhagen to participate in next month's climate change summit.

In preparation, the Ryerson Young Liberals and Ryerson Model United Nations are co-hosting a Climate Change Caucus on Saturday, November 28.  Delegates will discuss and debate climate change issues, and hear from keynote speakers including the Honorable Bob Rae and the Honorable George Smitherman. Nic Morgan, of Morgan Solar, and Melissa Rooke will also participate.

The event is a place for citizens to learn about, and engage with, the issue of climate change. Donations to help defray delegates' travel costs will be accepted at the door.


Climate Change Summit in preparation for Copenhagen climate change meeting


Saturday, November 28, 2009
7 pm to 9 pm

Oakham Lounge, 55 Gould Street, Toronto ON

For more information, please contact Taras Koulik at:

647.268.1451 or