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Mississauga firm Tonolli Canada Ltd celebrates 700 work days with no Lost Time Injuries

Monday, December 21st 2009 10:19:14am

Media Release

Mississauga firm Tonolli Canada Ltd. celebrates 700 work days with no Lost Time Injuries (LTI)

Safety is a top priority for Ontario's only automotive battery recycling operation.

(Mississauga, Ontario, December 21, 2009) Ontario's only automotive battery recycling operation, Tonolli Canada, passed a safety milestone yesterday of 700 work days with no LTI . This is an impressive achievement for an industrial plant with over 90 employees.

Tonolli Canada, located in Mississauga, has been providing a solution to the disposal and reuse of old automotive batteries for over fifty years. They currently reprocess 75% of Ontario's used automotive batteries. Each year Tonolli Canada recycles more than 5 million waste batteries, ensuring battery acid and lead is not left behind in garages, ditches and landfills.

"Tonolli Canada achieved this safety milestone because every individual who works at the plant is committed to maintaining an accident-free work environment and follows safe practices diligently every day," observed Nancy Chafee, Vice President of Human Resources at Tonolli Canada.

Rick Orr, Safety Manager at Tonolli Canada added, "This achievement demonstrates that Tonolli Canada's work force discusses incidents and close calls freely and openly without embarrassment. By using an "open to suggestions" strategy, Tonolli Canada has been able to reduce injuries to a minimal occurrence. We watch each other's backs, identifying and controlling any hazards. That is what brought us to this safety milestone."

Recently, Tonolli Canada has invested $8 million for even more safety improvements, including a state-of-the-art receiving system, a new primary baghouse, new indoor ventilation systems and other infrastructure improvements. Tonolli Canada's commitment to a safe working environment extends to embracing regulatory emission thresholds, allowing the firm to reduce emissions by 50% over the past 10 years.

Chafee concluded, "Tonolli Canada will keep striving to meet new standards. We are proud of this 700 work days with no LTI milestone but this is just a start. We hope to beat this record every day in the future, keeping the plant a safe place for all those who work here."


For more information or to schedule interviews, contact Nancy Chafee, Vice President of Human Resources, Tonolli Canada Ltd. at 905-279-9555.

Tonolli Canada Ltd.
, located in Mississauga, has specialized in the recycling of automotive batteries since 1958. Tonolli's operations divert more than 5 million batteries annually from Ontario landfills.  Batteries are received from over 200 suppliers across Ontario and Canada including metal recyclers, battery distributors, manufacturers, and directly from home-owners.