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Canada's First Natural Gas Vocational Trucks at Truck World

Thursday, April 15th 2010 11:08:33am

Canada's First Natural Gas Vocational Trucks at Truck World

Low emission work trucks reduce carbon by up to 20%

(TORONTO, ON, April 15, 2010) - Canada's first low emission natural gas vocational trucks are on display this week at Truck World 2010 at the Toronto International Centre. The two trucks are the first of five natural gas trucks to receive funding through the Province of Ontario's Green Commercial Vehicle Program. Funding of $15,000 per truck was provided as part of an innovative provincial program targeting emissions from medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Operating on fossil natural gas, the work trucks reduce carbon emissions by up to 20% while offering fleet owners the power and performance characteristics of diesel trucks. Moreover, using renewable natural gas produced from upgraded landfill or digester gas increases the benefit, providing an 85-90% carbon reduction compared to diesel trucks according to Natural Resources Canada.

"Natural gas vehicles offer an immediate carbon emissions benefit and, when green gas is available in the market, fleet owners will be able to dramatically lower their fleet emissions," says Alicia Milner, President of the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance.

Heavy diesel vehicles are one of the fastest growing sources of carbon emissions in Canada. Increasingly stringent diesel emissions standards have no impact on carbon emissions from heavy diesel vehicles. The growing availability of natural gas vocational trucks gives fleet owners a way to green their operations without compromising on operational needs.

The two single axle dump trucks - a Freightliner M2 112 and International Model 4400 - are on display at Truck World from April 15-17. The trucks are to be used to haul fill and will operate within Enbridge Gas Distribution's fleet in the Toronto area. Enbridge currently operates Canada's largest fleet of natural gas vehicles with more than 600 light duty vehicles. The company's use of natural gas contributed to it being designated as the first commercial fleet in Canada with an E3 Gold fleet ranking from the Vancouver-based Fraser Basin Council in 2008.

"The Province of Ontario is to be commended for its leadership in recognizing and addressing emissions from medium and heavy duty trucks," Milner added. "Having these trucks in the Province will encourage other fleet owners to consider natural gas as a lower emission alternative for their operations."


For further information, or to obtain high resolution photos, please contact:

Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (www.cngva.org)
Alicia Milner
Phone: 613-564-0181
E-mail: alicia.milner@cngva.org