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Brampton Multi-Family buildings earn almost $100,000 in rebates for making residences more energy efficient

Thursday, August 12th 2010 4:45:43pm

Media Release

Brampton Multi-Family buildings earn almost $100,000 in rebates for making residences more energy efficient

(Brampton, August 12, 2010) As part the Brampton stop on the province-wide Rebate Road ShowTM, bcIMC Realty Corp. was presented with a rebate cheque for $99,200.

The money, provided by the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Residential (MEER) program will help offset the cost of replacing two inefficient chiller units and cooling towers with higher efficiency units in the buildings. These retrofits are expected to save the buildings, located at 8 Silver Maple Court and 10 Lisa Street, 226,151 kWh annually.

“This is the largest cheque we’ve ever distributed through the MEER program,” notes Vladan Veljovic, President of GreenSaver, the group that manages MEER, “and we’re very excited to see the program working to support such important conservation upgrades.”

MEER has over $30 million in energy efficiency rebates for building owners in Ontario who make the effort to reduce energy consumption.  Rebates are available to upgrade lighting, appliances, air conditioning, pumps motors, building automation and even to offset the cost of energy audits. Apartment buildings, co-ops, shelters, condominiums and other residential dwellings with six or more units are eligible to apply. All applicants are also eligible to receive a resident education package that informs residents of ways they can maximize conservation.

bcIMC Realty Corp working in partnership with their property management group, Vertica Resident Services, on how to maximize efficiency in their buildings. “The upgrades have improved the efficiency of these residences tremendously, and the rebates offered through the MEER program were a big factor in helping to make the case for upgrading them,” said Ricardo de Leon, Director, Technical Services at Vertica Resident Services.

Across Ontario, the MEER program has had over 230 applications already this year, and is actively working with over 30 different electrical utility promotional partners. In Brampton, it is promoted in partnership with Hydro One Brampton Networks. The event was held at their head offices and the cheque was presented by GreenSaver’s Veljovic and Remy Fernandes, President and CEO of Hydro One Brampton.

“At Hydro One Brampton, conservation is one of our top priorities, and we are very pleased to be working with GreenSaver to offer this program to our customers,” said Fernandes.

MEER aims to reduce energy consumption in Ontario by 60MW. GreenSaver is delivering the program, together with its local utility partners, across the province, with the exception of Toronto, where the City’s Better Buildings Partnership runs the program. The Rebates Road ShowTM has over 30 stops throughout Ontario this summer.

“The program has been very well received in the marketplace, so far,” noted Veljovic, “and the Rebates Road Show has been key in bringing the conservation message to communities across the province.”

The Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebates program is available until December 31, 2010.

To apply for the rebates, visit www.meerontario.ca or to find out when the Rebates Road ShowTM  is coming to your area, call 1-877-697-6337 (MEER).


To schedule interviews with a GreenSaver spokesperson, contact:

Allison Wallis, Marketing Manager, GreenSaver
416.803.1017 OR allison.wallis@greensaver.org

is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to environmental energy efficiency offering energy audits, insulation solutions, new technologies like solar and province-wide energy conservation programs. They have pioneered Ontario residential energy conservation for 25 years with economically viable and environmentally friendly measures to help individuals and organizations with their energy needs (www.greensaver.org).