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Rogers Centre hits home run with energy conservation

Wednesday, September 1st 2010 10:20:34am

Rogers Centre hits home run with energy conservation
BOMA Toronto helps sports complex achieve energy reduction

(Toronto, September 01, 2010) The Rogers Centre, located in Toronto, is one of the world’s premier entertainment and sports complexes.  Its trademark retractable roof, Canada’s climate and the wide range of events hosted there (including baseball games, motocross and concerts attended by more than 50,000 people) all contribute to its annual utility bill of almost $5 million.

With the help of BOMA Toronto’s Conservation Demand Management (CDM) Program, which provided financial incentives for energy conservation projects done in the building, the Rogers Centre was able to implement a plan to lower its annual energy costs.

Essential to achieving the Rogers Centre’s desired energy reductions was the ability to implement systems which could facilitate energy usage on an event-by-event basis.

This called for a revamped control system that allowed for the Rogers Centre’s heating, cooling and air handling to be varied depending on the day-to-day requirements of specific entertainment events.  

The result was the development of a control system with 20 operational modes.  Each mode accounted for expected attendance levels, outdoor environmental conditions, whether the roof was open or closed, etc. These various modes allow the Rogers Centre to deliver a consistent quality experience to its attendees while minimizing and controlling energy costs.

The Rogers Centre’s energy conservation efforts did not stop here.  The building has undergone a building automation upgrade, a lighting retrofit and a conversion of level heating and cooling fan motors to variable speed drives.  These measures have resulted in reducing energy usage by over 8,000,000 kWh and over 1000kW (1MW).

"Through the reduction of electrical consumption, Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays continue to make every effort to lessen our impact on the environment,” said Wayne Sills, Director, Facility Services at the Rogers Centre.  “As we consider various projects for upgrades or replacement of current equipment with more energy efficient products, the BOMA CDM Program continues to play an important role. In addition to our initial lighting control upgrade - we've also upgraded our VFD installation and BAS. We look forward to continuing our affiliation with the BOMA CDM Program into the future."

“In addition to its numerous office and warehouse buildings, Toronto has many unique buildings, like the Rogers Centre, that offer individual energy conservation challenges,” said Robert Edwards, Manager, Conservation Development at BOMA Toronto CDM.  “The BOMA CDM Program is flexible enough to offer incentives for these projects to implement measures that lower energy consumption and positively affect the bottom line.”


For more information, contact:

Robert Edwards, at (416) 440-0101 or redwards(at)

The BOMA Toronto CDM Program has been contracted to deliver electricity conservation to the Ontario commercial real estate market as part of the Ontario Power Authority's larger plan to deliver 6300 megawatts of electricity reduction in Ontario from various sources. The available incentives capped at 40% of the eligible projects costs are designed to maximize owner and tenant participation by ensuring all 'process' and 'contractual' requirements are simple and the delivery of incentive payments quick.