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Avante Security Inc and Calico Energy Services Inc partner to deploy the Smartboxx

Wednesday, September 15th 2010 2:20:02pm

Media Advisory

Avante Security Inc and Calico Energy Services Inc partner to deploy the Smartboxx™, an Innovative Energy Management Solution in Ground-Breaking OPA Study in Ontario

OPA study to test energy management solution with Toronto Hydro, Hydro One (Owen Sound), Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro, Kitchener Wilmot Hydro, and Waterloo North Hydro

(Toronto, September 15, 2010) (TSXV: ASY) Avante Security Inc. ( and Calico Energy Services ( have begun deploying an energy management solution that includes both Avante's Smartboxx™ Energy Manager and Calico's Energy Intelligence Suite™ technologies to demonstrate their energy conservation attributes to more than 130 households across Ontario.

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) is investigating new technologies that could be used to remotely control energy consumption when demand is highest, while at the same time allowing customers to individually manage their electricity costs. The project is designed to inform local electrical utilities (often called Local Distribution Companies - LDCs) about their options as they prepare to meet new LDC specific conservation targets starting in 2011, as directed by Ontario's Green Energy and Economy Act.  

Together, Avante and Calico are delivering a cost-effective and proven integrated home energy management system to optimize energy savings. This solution will give both LDCs and their customers a secure and "easy to use" tool for understanding and managing energy usage in the home or business.

Each home selected for the Avante/Calico pilot project with the OPA will have installed:

• The Avante Smartboxx™ an energy management gateway, which uses cellular based technology to coordinate demand response and energy conservation commands with multiple controllable end use devices such as the Avante Zigbee Smart Plug.  The Smartboxx™ also receives and transmits data from a home's existing smart meter, empowering the customer with information about how they use power.
• The Avante HVAC Relay a key component of the Smartboxx™ solution, which enables the user to control a home's existing thermostat and adjust the HVAC system, changing temperatures as required.
• EIS OpCenter™, the command-and-control center of the Calico platform, which allows energy providers to reduce electricity use through demand response, rate and price programs, baseline management, energy efficiency, and interactive customer communication.
• EIS HomeSMART™, Calico's engaging home energy management interface, a web-based portal which provides residential customers with an intuitive and affordable solution for energy efficiency, demand response, and home automation.

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Don Huff at Environmental Communication Options, (416) 972-7404 (office) or (416) 805-7720 (cell) or  

About Avante Security Inc.

Avante Security Inc (TSXV: ASY). is a Toronto based technology company with over 14 years of experience delivering hi-tech solutions for the home security and home automation industry.  Building on this successful business platform, Avante manufactures and markets the innovative Smartboxx™ which, provides "anytime, anywhere" true two-way communication. The Smartboxx has been designed with the customer in mind, using a robust cellular based communications platform to help both residential and small commercial customers manage their energy costs.

The company is focused on the expanded commercialization of its energy management, security and automation interactive cellular based technology for applications in the utility, property management and telecommunications markets. Customizable through a variety of plug-and-play modules, including Zigbee, the Smartboxx™ is a next-generation technology for information monitoring and control services. Avante also provides premium executive security services to its clients using its innovative technologies

To learn more about the Avante Smartboxx™, please visit:

About Calico Energy Services

Calico Energy Services offers a secure software platform that simplifies Smart Grid data management and services - providing customers with energy intelligence, improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased profit through a unified solution.

Our flagship product, Energy Intelligence Suite™, is an award-winning software service that provides modular solutions for Smart Grid integration and enablement. These include: energy data aggregation and analytics; command and control; demand side management; and intuitive technologies that engage residential, small business, and commercial customers in reducing energy use.

Calico's solutions are delivered by our team of industry specialists, who lead an honest assessment to help you plan, integrate, and rapidly deploy a successful solution - from a single module that solves a specific energy challenge to a broad, turn-key platform.

To learn more about Calico Energy Services, please visit:

Calico Energy Services is a trademark of Calico Energy Services, Inc. All product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners in the U.S. and other countries.

About Ontario Power Authority

The Ontario Power Authority is responsible for ensuring a reliable, sustainable supply of electricity for Ontario. Its four key areas of focus are: planning the power system for the long term, leading and co-ordinating conservation initiatives across the province, ensuring development of needed generation resources, and supporting the continued evolution of the electricity sector.

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