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Quebec homebuilder Construction Voyer chosen to build Net-Zero Energy homes

Thursday, June 13th 2013 9:45:51am

(LAVAL, Quebec, June 13, 2013) - Construction Voyer has been chosen as one of five Canadian home builders from across the country to participate in an exciting new project in cooperation with Owens Corning Canada and Natural Resources Canada, part of the ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative. The overall project will see the construction of at least 25 net-zero energy homes in four provinces: Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Ontario. Construction Voyer is the only company chosen in the province of Quebec.

“This project is very important to Voyer,” commented Jean-François Voyer, co-owner and Director of Business Development. “It aligns with our commitment to the environment and utilizing these advanced technologies is the best way to learn how to build ‘better!’ homes for our customers.”

Voyer added, “Continuous improvement is crucial in our field. We want and we need to remain the best and improvement is the key. Techniques change constantly and we aim at being on top of new technologies. We are looking forward to working with Natural Resources Canada and the other outstanding builders selected by Owens Corning Canada.”

The $4 million Net-Zero Energy Housing Project is co-funded by the Canadian government, Owens Corning Canada, and the participating builders. At least 25 net-zero energy homes will be built across the country. Construction Voyer has committed to building at least its five units in Laval, Quebec.

Voyer noted, “Both Pascal, my brother and co-owner, and I, have young children. As citizens, we have a responsibility toward the environment. As owners of Construction Voyer, our responsibility increases. Participation in the Net-Zero Housing Project will translate into an understanding of a better way of living and how to make it achievable on a broader scale. We will invest our time, energy and experience into the future of sustainable building in Canada. One cannot repeat enough how important it is to build houses that produce as much energy as they use.”

The net-zero homes built by Construction Voyer will include: advanced heating, cooling and ventilation systems; high efficiency windows; superior levels of insulation and air tightness; solar panels that feed back to the grid; significant water conservation measures; and many other environmentally progressive features. The project, beginning with technical design, planning and training, and culminating in the construction of the homes, is now underway and will be completed by 2016.

Construction Voyer has a long history of being at the leading edge of advanced building. Accomplishments in this area include:

• Novoclimat Groupe Sélect of the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique du Québec
• Qualité Voyer program: an insurance of a better home!
• Ecoresponsibility Voyer Program
• Member of 3R MCDQ
• Ecolo APCHQ Option
• CO2 Environnement: neutralization of carbon emissions


For interview inquiries, please contact:

Jean-François Voyer
Co-owner, Director of Business Development
Construction Voyer
Phone #: 450 963.8300

About Construction Voyer:

Construction Voyer has been building homes since 1973.
Since it was founded, Construction Voyer has built over 6,000 residential units: single-family dwellings, condominiums and rental unit buildings.

Company founder René Voyer is considered by many in the industry to be a leader in Quebec home construction. The firm has earned many prestigious awards, including the APCHQ Palme Diamant and the title of Builder of the Year at the 2004 Domus gala.

Although the company originally earned its positive reputation primarily in Laval and cities along the northern belt, in 1998 it began expanding its activities onto the island of Montreal. René Voyer's two sons, Jean-François and Pascal, the next generation of the company, have developed an expansion plan to extend activities into new territories and markets.

The interests of the new management team make up an important part of this plan, particularly improving thermal efficiency and energy savings. The firm took measures to achieve these objectives by obtaining Novoclimat Membre Select accreditation from the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique du Québec.

Read more on www.voyer.ca