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Energy Minister lauded for commitment to conservation as critical part of Ontario's energy mix

Tuesday, July 16th 2013 1:56:22pm

Insulation manufacturers' association sees energy conservation as vital component of province’s economic and environmental well-being

(July 16, 2013, Ottawa, ON) Today's announcement by Ontario Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli is an important step in advancing an engaged and informed discussion about the future of Ontario's long-term energy planning. NAIMA Canada, the national organization representing Canada's fibre glass, rock and slag wool insulation manufacturers (including four plants in Ontario), is very pleased by the Minister's release of a whitepaper titled Conservation First: A Renewed Vision for Energy Conservation in Ontario.

Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director of NAIMA Canada, also cited the organization's support for the statement made in Premier Wynne's 2013 Throne Speech that "conservation is the cheapest source of energy available." Nordenstrom observed that, "In addition to the cost-saving and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, it is important to realize that the conservation and demand management (CDM) sector is a vibrant part of Ontario's economy."

Good jobs are being created in the energy efficiency sector across the province and increased investment in CDM will grow that number. According to a recent study commissioned by Natural Resources Canada on the economics of energy efficiency, for every dollar government invests towards conservation, six dollars are returned into the economy.

NAIMA Canada and its member companies applaud the Ontario government's direction on energy conservation and commit to participating in the consultation process with the aim of promoting the most accurate and current industry information that can be brought to the discussion.

Some of the important issues that need attention are: encouraging energy efficient retrofits through education; delivering a provincial home labelling program that protects consumers and rewards homeowners who have invested in energy conservation; developing incentive programs and innovative financing tools that are responsive to the price sensitivity of one-, two- or five-year payback periods.

"NAIMA Canada is appreciative of the recognition that insulation is always a good long-term investment towards energy conservation," concluded Nordenstrom. "Installing insulation is a low risk renovation, with great return on investment. Whether you install insulation to reduce your heating and cooling bills, to reduce emissions, or to provide a more comfortable home for your family, it provides consistent energy savings year-after-year, from the minute it is installed."


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NAIMA Canada is the association for North American manufacturers of fibre glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products doing business in Canada. Its role is to promote energy efficiency and environmental preservation through the use of fibre glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation, and to encourage the safe production and use of these materials. Visit NAIMA Canada’s website at http://www.naimacanada.ca.