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Energy efficient woodstoves contribute to ecoENERGY incentive program

Wednesday, October 17th 2007 9:31:46am

Here is an article (397 words) by Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association Manager Tony Gottschalk.

Energy efficient woodstoves contribute to ecoENERGY incentive program

The Hearth Patio and Barbecue Association applauds the recent move to include wood burning appliances and efficient gas fireplaces as a key element in making Canadian homes cleaner and greener.

Category F-4 tornadoes in Manitoba, water bans in large parts of southern Ontario and devastating wind storms on the west coast are recent examples of how our country is being affected by climate change.

Canadians across the country are experiencing firsthand the results of climate change and global warming in increasingly destructive and expensive ways.

Governments across the country - be it municipal, provincial or federal - recognize the need to address what is quickly becoming an expensive problem.

Recently, the Canadian government announced a program to encourage citizens and small business owners to adopt energy saving technologies and products. Under the “ecoENERGY Retrofit Incentive grant,” approximately $300 million has been committed to promote smarter energy use and to make energy-efficiency improvements in houses and commercial buildings.

An advanced combustion, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified stove produces fewer than 2-5 grams of particulate per hour compared to at least 25 grams of emissions from older stove models. That translates into as much as a 90% reduction in emissions! EPA certified woodstoves are also more efficient, and can generate the same amount of heat with up to one-third less wood.

Eligible homeowners are able to apply for a grant to retrofit their homes with new, cleaner, more efficient products like gas water heaters; ENERGY STAR® qualified air conditioners, furnaces; R-20 insulation; and advanced wood burning appliances. Retrofits must be recommended by an Natural Resources Canada-certified energy advisor during an on-site assessment of the home.

When shopping for a new woodstove or fireplace appliance, make sure to look for a model that meets either CSA-B415.1-M92 (Performance Testing of Solid-Fuel-Burning Heating Appliances) or the EPA wood-burning appliance standards (40 CFR Part 60). These models will qualify you for a $300 “ecoENERGY” grant and depending on where you live, a provincial rebate of up to $300 (www.oee.nrcan.gc.ca).

Finally, it’s important to remember that most of the free standing woodstoves and many high efficiency gas fire place models are designed and manufactured right here in Canada, creating thousands of jobs for Canadians.

I encourage anyone considering purchasing a new woodstove or gas fireplace to consider advanced burning appliances, both wood burning and gas.


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