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Recent Releases from Wood Heat Policy Institute

Efficient Wood Heating is Good for the Environment

Published Mon, 1 Dec 2008 04:30:15 EST Read More

Cut greenhouse gas emissions and save money at the same time - heating with wood does not contribute to global warming and climate change the way the "fossil" fuels do Firewood is a renewable energy resource like wind, solar and hydroelectric power. To adequately respond to the global warming challenge, we need to start using more renewables and less oil, gas and coal. Heating with wood can be a part of the solution, provided the wood is burned efficiently. Fortunately, that is not har...... Click here to read this release

News Article: Learn how to heat with wood without making smoke

Published Wed, 29 Oct 2008 11:26:10 EST Read More

To the Editor: This article is written by John Gulland, Director of the Wood Heat Policy Institute. It is available for publication, free of charge. The Wood Heat Policy Institute (WHPI) supports the public interest in wood heating and advocates for the responsible use of this important renewable energy resource. WHPI is a source of credible information and analysis of wood heating related issues. It also supports government and non-governmental organizations in policy development...... Click here to read this release

Opinion Piece: Things to consider before dusting off that old wood stove

Published Thu, 16 Oct 2008 08:39:02 EST Read More

High home heating costs Things to consider before dusting off that old wood stove Used stoves are being snapped up at auctions and old stoves that were mothballed years ago are being dusted off and set up to burn again. If you are taking urgent action to control your heating costs this winter, here are some things to consider before hooking up that old stove. Any steel box you can build a fire in will make heat, but it will ...... Click here to read this release