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Recent Releases from Conservation Bureau

Chief Energy Conservation Officer Issues 2007 Annual Report

Published Wed, 7 Nov 2007 08:19:34 EST Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chief Energy Conservation Officer Issues 2007 Annual Report; Urges Ontario Government To Take Action on 12 Key Recommendations TORONTO, Ontario, November 7, 2007  Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer, Peter Love, released his 2007 annual report, Taking Action, urging the Ontario government to adopt 12 key recommendations to achieve a “culture of conservation” throughout the province. Codes and standards are among the most effective ways to achi...... Click here to read this release

Woodstock auto parts manufacturer recognized for energy conservation

Published Fri, 2 Nov 2007 08:22:11 EST Read More

Media Release - For Immediate Release Energy conservation investment pays for itself in only 2 years (Woodstock, Ontario, November 2, 2007) Peter Love, Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer, awarded Canada Mold Technology Inc. a Certificate of Recognition on October 22nd for its ambitious energy conservation efforts. With assistance from Woodstock Hydro and an investment of $80,000 at their 5,574 square meter plant, the company achieved annual energy savings of $40,000 - payi...... Click here to read this release

Williams Mine recognized for participation in the Sustainable Leak Prevention Program

Published Wed, 26 Sep 2007 08:17:22 EST Read More

Media Release - Attention News and Assignment Editors Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer awards Certificate of Recognition to local mine at the Marathon-Hemlo Mining and Prospecting Expo (Marathon, ON, September 26, 2007) Peter Love, Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer, provided the Keynote Address at the Second Annual Marathon–Hemlo Mining and Prospecting Expo. After thanking the organizers, Mr. Love reminded the Expo attendees that as mining industry...... Click here to read this release