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Recent Releases from Ontario Forestry Association

Holiday debate: Ontarians split on environmental merits of real vs. fake Christmas trees

Published Thu, 29 Nov 2012 15:50:26 EST Read More

In addition to the usual dispute as to one’s yearly naughty-or-nice status, this holiday season there is another cause for debate. Public opinion is divided between the Christmas tree choices: real or fake. A recent poll shows Ontarians are almost evenly split on whether they consider an artificial or real tree to be the most environmentally friendly. The November 2012 poll from Oraclepoll Research Limited shows that 46% of Ontarians believe the “green” choice to be artificial, while 4...... Click here to read this release

Real vs fake Christmas trees

Published Wed, 8 Dec 2010 09:43:27 EST Read More

Media Release Real Christmas trees are the environmentally friendly choice. (Toronto, ON, December 8, 2010) Today marks the 11th year that the Ontario Forestry Association (OFA) makes the presentation of a Christmas tree to the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. The trees are generously provided by Somerville Nurseries Inc. of Everett, Ontario. Students in the OFA’s education programs, including Ontario Envirothon and Tree Bee Champions, will be recognized for their ac...... Click here to read this release