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Recent Releases from Conserve the Light

Conserve the Light energy efficiency and conservation conference begins in Thunder Bay

Published Thu, 3 Sep 2009 09:27:37 EST Read More

Media Release Conserve the Light a Provincial First Nations and Métis Energy Efficiency and Conservation Conference begins in Thunder Bay Minister of Energy and Infrastructure to speak today at 6:30pm (Thunder Bay, ON. September 3, 2009) The Conserve the Light conference, which started today at the Valhalla Hotel, has attracted over 200 First Nations leaders, community representatives and Métis to Thunder Bay from across Ontario. This conference is part of the ...... Click here to read this release

Thunder Bay site of historic Gathering of Traditional and Christian First Nation and M├ętis Elders from across Ontario

Published Tue, 1 Sep 2009 10:23:13 EST Read More

Media Release Thunder Bay site of historic Gathering of Traditional and Christian First Nation and Métis Elders from across Ontario Gathering to bring recommendations on Protecting Mother Earth through energy conservation to the Conserve the Light conference (Fort William First Nation/Thunder Bay, ON, September 1, 2009) The Teepees, Sweat and Teaching lodges are now in place on Animiki wadjiw (Mount McKay). Each has been carefully erected in accordance with region...... Click here to read this release