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Ontario, Canada

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A new direction for Ontario energy conservation? - Interview Opportunity

Monday, March 31st 2014 9:42:48pm

(March 31, 2014)

Response from Peter Love, Summerhill's Chief Energy Conservation Officers to Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli's speech on energy efficiency and conservation demand management at the Ontario Electricity Distributors Association's (EDA) AGM meeting on March 31, 2014.

Peter Love, the Chief Energy Conservation Officer at Summerhill (one of Canada's preeminent energy efficiency engagement company) can comment on the merits and benefits of the current approach to energy conservation in Ontario. Energy conservation has implications for every Ontario electricity user, and for those who engage ratepayers on energy conservation matters.

Minister Chiarelli's speech to the Electrical Distributors Association’s (EDA's) AGM speaks to progress and plans for  energy conservation and the Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP).

Peter Love is prepared to provide informed commentary on energy conservation, efficiency and CDM matters.

Mr. Love was Ontario’s First Chief Energy Conservation Officer (CECO).

He recently returned to Summerhill and now provides strategic advice and insights as their Chief Energy Conservation Officer. Peter is very active in the energy conservation field, speaking and advising across Canada, the USA and overseas. He was recently named one of the Canada’s Clean50 and also serves as an Adjunct Professor at York University in the Faculty of Environmental Science.

To arrange interviews, contact: Lenard Hart, VP, Sales & Marketing, Summerhill, lhart@summerhill.com, 416-922-2448 ext. 236 or cell: 416-898-0835.

About Summerhill
Summerhill is one of Canada's most effective energy efficiency engagement company, they are experts in program design and delivery as well as consumer engagement.

For nearly 15 years, Summerhill has provided the expertise allowing industry, business, government and NGOs to deliver meaningful consumer engagement programs for their clients. This of course has translated into significant environmental benefits and positive business impact.

Summerhill is Canadian-owned and operated; headquartered in Toronto, they have a solid presence in eastern and western Canada with offices in Regina, SK and Halifax, NS.  To learn more, visit www.summerhill.com.